4 Myths About Latin American Food

What’s the main thing that strikes a chord when you hear the term “Latin food”? Most likely it’s something that is delicious and flavorful.
Many myths surround Latin American foods, but you may find that the cuisine is much more delicious than ever anticipated! Explore the myths of Latin American food in today’s post from Areppas.

Myth 1: All Latin American Foods Are Spicy

Even though stews are a staple in numerous Latin dishes, not all Latin American dishes are spicy! A few peppers are sweet, some are gentle, and, indeed, some are zesty.
Be that as it may, the kind of pepper utilized relies upon the dish. While there are 64 various types of peppers in the area, it’s the different spices and herbs that make the food tasty, not necessarily the peppers.

Myth 2: Tacos And Burritos Are The Only Options In Latin Food

While tacos and burritos are traditional food fare, the Latin American cuisine offers so many other delicious options, and are not by any means, the only choices. From arepas and tamales to ceviche, there are flavorful choices to explore!

Myth 3: It’s Not Healthy

Some people consider Latin food unhealthy, but like any cuisine, it goes both ways. While fried food and sweets show up in many dishes, Latin American food also highlights fresh ingredients that are both tasty and a healthy option.

At Areppas, you can choose from a variety of meats, cheeses, veggies, and homemade sauces and fillings. From vegan and vegetarian to omnivore, there is a delicious arepa waiting to be created.

Myth 4: If It’s Latin, It Must Be Fried

In Latin American restaurants, tacos, burritos, and empanadas are of incredible taste, yet it doesn’t mean they’re always fried.

Areppas is a Latin American eatery that features the best flavors and dishes that aren’t always fried. From our organic chia bowl for breakfast and arepas to salads and tacos, there are plenty of fresh items to choose from.

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