Why Are Arepas Important to Venezuela?

The arepa is a culinary delight and staple food in Venezuelan culture. Made from a dough of ground maize, they are frequently barbecued or broiled, and stuffed with an assortment of veggies, meats, and cheeses. Arepas can be parted and buttered, filled, made into sandwiches, filled in bread to go with dinner, or presented with a dipping sauce.

You can find an assortment of these delicious Latin American sammies from Areppas in New York. Explore a few reasons why arepas are important to Venezuela.

Arepas As Traditional Dish of Venezuela

Arepas are one of the most conventional foods found in a Venezuelan restaurant. “There’s nothing more Venezuelan than an arepa,” we often say.

Arepas are also a few of the pre-Columbian customs left in Venezuela that are unique to the region. Curious about arepas? Try them in one of our three new locations including Midtown East, Flatiron, and SOHO.


How Are Arepas Made?

Arepas are made from maize (corn) and are combined with salt and water to make a malleable dough.

The corn is specifically ground in a certain way, giving the arepa a unique texture. As an unleavened dough, which means they contain no yeast, arepas are the perfectly golden round disks we know and love.


The Rise of Arepas

The corn-based patties can be made in any size, and can highlight both a savory or sweet flavor.

Arepas are also regularly served with soups and stews instead of bread, or paired with a strong cup of coffee.


Arepas We Serve

Customary fillings for arepas incorporate cheddar cheese, fried eggs, and beans, but can be filled with just about any ingredients you love. Areppas features arepas for vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, and carnivores. From gluten-free to keto, we can whip up something delicious for you!

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Arepas Restaurant provides you with the best arepas — anywhere! Here’s a little advice, grab your cab and visit our restaurant to have arepas right here in New York!