4 Kinds of Food Can Expect at a Venezuelan Restaurant In New York

Food is a large part of New York culture, so whether you’re visiting or you’re a local, it’s nice to have some local spots in mind that offer delicious food and a great atmosphere. Areppas, a delicious, unique Venezuelan restaurant in New York offers an array of authentic, delectable food. If you’re looking for a new place to try, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we describe four different kinds of foods you can expect at a Venezuelan restaurant in New York. Learn more and browse our menu or visit us today!


Cachapas are thin pancakes made with fresh, ground corn, cheese, and panela or sugar. They are cooked in a clay or iron plate, and are known for their sweet-savory flavor. This dish is typically served with a Venezuelan fresh cheese, known as queso de mano, and butter. At Areppas, we have a range of cachapas, depending on your preference, including our Pabellon Cachapa, Regular Cachapa, and Chicken Cachapa. 



Empanadas are Latin-American turnover pastries filled with savory ingredients, and are then baked or fried. Areppas restaurants offer a wide selection of delicious empanadas, including cheese, chicken, short rib, homemade, and even vegan! We are sure to have something that everyone will love.


If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, we offer delectable salads made with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. From our Tuna Avocado Salad to our Chicken Salad Bowl, we offer a wide range of flavors. Additionally, we can even make vegan salad bowls, or you can create your very own salad!

Salmon salad


Arepas are one of the most well-known dishes from Venezuela. They are round, flattened bread made with corn flour. While they are similar to cachapas, they differ in that arepas are not made from fresh corn and are not fried. At Arepas, this dish is our speciality, and we offer arepas in many different flavors, using a wide range of meats and fresh ingredients. View our menu to check out our delicious arepa selection today! 

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At Areppas, we are proud to offer delicious, fresh, and high-quality Venezuelan food across New York. Our fast-casual dining experience features many different dishes, and we’re sure to have something everyone will love. Reach out to us today for any questions about our menu, or visit us at one of our New York locations!