4 Tips for Making Business Catering Affordable

It’s nice to treat your employees to a meal every now and then or have your meeting catered. It fills people’s stomachs so they can focus on the work that needs to be done. Areppas is a Venezuelan restaurant with three locations in New York (Soho, Flatiron/Gramercy, or Midtown East) that offers corporate catering services. Learn four tips for making business catering affordable, and have your next business event catered by us today!

Balance Out The Selections

Having variety helps to satisfy everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. However, the more options you choose, the more you’ll pay for business catering. We suggest choosing two or three options, including a vegan or vegetarian option, which will satisfy most of your employees or event attendees and will keep the cost down.

Stick With The Basics

Let’s face it, meat and potatoes are more affordable than caviar and wine. When you choose cost-effective menu items, such as salad, pasta, rice, and vegetables, you’ll be choosing foods that won’t break the bank and that many people love, too.

Go With Self-Serve Over Event Staffing

Having a buffet-style meal is more cost-effective than hiring staff to serve the food to your employees or event attendees. Plus, many people love self-serve due to the fact they can choose what they eat and they can choose the portion size. Plus, you can usually go back for seconds, too.

Don’t Order Extra

Many businesses make the mistake of over-ordering food, afraid that they may run out. It’s best to order just enough with maybe a smidge more than to over-order food and then be stuck with a bunch of leftovers that most likely will go to waste or that you’ll have to give out to employees to take home.


Areppas offers the best Venezuelan food in New York, including arepas, such as our Midtown Arepa, tacos, chicken empanadas, and desserts, such as Tres Leches. If you are looking for the best Latin American food, we offer it. Call us for our wonderful business catering today!