How Areppas Restaurants in New York Celebrates World Arepa Day!


The fact that the Venezuelan arepa is the country’s most famous dish should come as no surprise. The country’s rich history and culture have been commemorated by establishing a national day dedicated to the arepa. Every second Saturday in September, World Arepa Day is celebrated. Come to Areppas, located in New York City, to celebrate this exciting event.

A Delicious ArepaIngredients

After being mixed with water, the maize flour is formed into discs and either fried on a griddle called an “aripos” or baked in an oven until golden brown. They can be made with yellow or white cornmeal. In Venezuela, they are eaten by everyone. It is common for arepa stalls to be on the streets for a fast snack.


Map of the WorldWorldwide Phenomenon

Right now, the arepa is gaining in popularity around the world. It is a simple and delicious dish that is great comfort food. You can fill an arepa with a large variety of fillings. They are an extremely versatile dish that is easy to prepare. Areppas provides the highest quality arepas in New York City. We have three different restaurants so you can find the one that is near you. Arepas are becoming a staple food for people around the world.


Kids under giant Venezuelan FlagCelebrating Venezuelan Culture

The Arapa has been a staple food in Venezuela for a long time. Ordinary people primarily enjoyed it while the upper classes enjoyed wheat flour. It is a sturdy meal that provides comfort for a low price. World Arepa Day is not only about arepas, but more importantly, it is a celebration of Venezuelan culture. Come to Areppas today or on World Arepa Day and see why arepas are gaining so much popularity.


Jumping girl at sunsetTry Something New

Even though arepas are gaining in popularity, many people have never had one. We want to give people a new and exciting experience with some great comfort food. Suppose you have had arepas before we are sure that you will come back to enjoy more. For first-timers to those who come back again and again, we provide the highest quality arepas that you will find in New York City. Try us today!


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Our Arepas are made by hand from the most refined grains, using traditional artisan techniques. Although a conventional arepa is somewhat thicker and more durable, they are also slightly fluffier. When it comes to making the perfect arepa, our main aim is to reduce your carbohydrate consumption and reduce food waste. Not only do we sneak in delicious, nutritious ingredients like herbs, vegetables, and plant-based proteins, but we also sneak in delicious, nutritious ingredients like herbs, vegetables, and plant-based proteins.