What Do Venezuelans Eat For Breakfast?

When you travel the globe, you undoubtedly notice different countries and cultures incorporate various ingredients into their everyday diets. It can be truly fascinating to experience the delicious dishes other individuals eat on a daily or weekly basis, and Areppas Restaurants provides this opportunity! Our Venezuelan restaurants in NYC are perfect for experiencing regular and gluten free Venezuelan food without ever leaving your neighborhood. Discover all the different selections we offer that  Venezuelans typically eat for breakfast and stop by to try it for yourself!

Perico Arepa

If you take a look at our arepas near me all-day breakfast menus, one of the first things you’ll notice is the inclusion of the Perico Arepa; this dish is a slight modification of a very traditional Venezuelan food item. An aprea — which you may notice is similar to our Venezuelan restaurant in NYC’s name — is a flat patty made from corn which is then grilled or fried, often stuffed with savory fillings. This type of gluten free Venezuelan food can be eaten for different meals, and ours is designed for breakfast! The Perico Arepa takes the traditional idea of an aprea and stuffs it full of scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, tomato, onion, lime, cilantro, and scallions!


Each and every one of our Venezuelan restaurants in NYC also feature cachapas on the menu, which are available for Venezuelan food delivery or pickup. A cachapa is another food item that is traditionally eaten in Latin American culture, which is also made from maize four (corn); this type of gluten free Venezuelan food is best described as a thin, flat pancake which can then be filled with different meats or cheeses. Perfect for partaking in our Areppas Restaurants all-day breakfast, our cachapas can be customized with different cheese and sauce options.

Coconut Chia Bowl

Chia seeds and dishes made from them have been a part of the typical Latin American diet for centuries, and that includes the diet of Venezuelans. Our Areppas Restaurants locations are sharing this type of food with the community via Venezuelan food delivery and pickup with our Coconut Chia Bowl. Created with a chia seed base, this item also consists of mango compote, granola, shredded coconut, pineapple, and berries. If you’re looking for all-day breakfast arepas near you, then look no farther than Areppas Restaurants!

Taste Traditional Regular Or Gluten Free Venezuelan Food Now

 Areppas Restaurants proudly serve breakfast all day in order to share the delicious dishes  Venezuelans typically eat every single day. Our Venezuelan restaurants in NYC are perfect for getting a taste of other countries and cultures without having to travel! All of our locations are available for in-person ordering but we also provide Venezuelan food delivery for your convenience! Browse our full menus now and place your order!

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