When You Think Gluten-Free NYC – Think Of Areppas!

At Areppas, we have created a cuisine that can satisfy any palette and dietary restrictions! Our menu can also be tailored to meet the needs of individuals who are vegetarian or vegan. Discover why our Venezuelan restaurant is the one you should think of when you think gluten-free NYC, and order online today

Venezuelan food and drinks in NYC

Arepas — Naturally Gluten-Free!

Because arepas are made from corn, they are naturally gluten-free! Latin food is a great choice for people with gluten allergies, as much of our food is made with a corn base, rather than wheat or other gluten-containing products.

Venezuelan food and drinks in NYC

Gluten-Free Options In Venezuelan Food

At Areppas, we love our gluten-free friends! For this reason, we make an extra effort to ensure that there is a wide variety of gluten-free options on our menu. We use cornmeal in many of our dishes, including: 

Arepa (obviously!) — A well-known Venezuelan dish; made from cornmeal, stuffed with delicious fillings, and then griddled.

Tacos –  Made using corn flour, our tortillas are naturally gluten-free. We have a wide range of taco options on our menu, order a few for delivery today!

Bowls –   We have a gluten-free bowl option, consisting of the ingredients of your choice, including vegan options.

Venezuelan food and drinks in NYC

Foods To Avoid On Gluten-Free Diet

While we strive to do our best to offer a wide selection of gluten-free options, there are a few things you should avoid on a gluten-free diet. Our empanada dough is made with wheat flour, as are our tequenos. You should also avoid our tres leches cake and churros. 

Venezuelan food and drinks in NYC

Our Popular Gluten-Free Menu Items

We offer gluten-free arepas for our customers to enjoy! These arepas are made with corn and come in a variety of fillings like short rib, grilled chicken, pulled pork, and more. We even have a breakfast arepa filled with scrambled eggs!  Here are a few of our popular gluten-free menu items:

  • Pabellon arepa – corn flour arepa with short rib, plantains, black beans, and Paisa cheese
  • Chick taco – tortilla filled with chicken, fresh cilantro, lime, and radish
  • Short rib taco – tortilla filled with short ribs, fresh cilantro, lime, and radish
  • Smoothies, juices, and acai bowls

If you have any questions about our cooking methods or gluten-free options, please contact one of our three locations across New York City! 

Order Gluten-Free Venezuelan Food From Areppas!

Visit our three locations in New York City or place your order for prompt, convenient Venezualan delivery today! We can’t wait to show you the difference Areppas makes, and we’re delighted to serve any dietary restrictions, including gluten-free Venezuelan cuisine. Order now!