Why Areppas Is One Of The Best Latin Restaurants In NYC

Looking for a great Latin restaurant in NYC? Look no further than Areppas! Our fast-casual restaurant is proud to serve customers across the city, and if you haven’t stopped by, we’d love to see you. We believe that we’re one of the best Latin restaurants around, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Learn more about what makes us great, or order online today to taste for yourself.

Fresh Ingredients

One of the main reasons why Areppas is one of the best Latin restaurants in NYC is because we use fresh ingredients. If you want delicious, mouthwatering flavors, you need to start with high-quality ingredients. That’s just what we do at Areppas! All of our meals are prepared using only the finest ingredients, and we guarantee you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Gluten-Free & Vegan Options

Another reason why we’re one of the best Latin restaurants in NYC? Our gluten-free and vegan options. While many other places don’t accommodate gluten-free guests at all, we have a number of dishes that are perfect for people with gluten intolerance. From our tacos to our arepas, you don’t have to miss out on the best Latin flavors in NYC!

Fast Delivery

Finally, one more reason why Areppas is one of the best Latin restaurants in NYC? Our fast delivery. If you’re really craving those Latin flavors, we can deliver to your home or business in as little as 20 minutes! Just order online and we’ll bring the best food around directly to your door.

Great Reviews

“Great place to go for a fresh, delicious and healthy meal. Everything looked so good, it was hard to pick exactly what I wanted, because I wanted to try it all!”
– Allyson B.

“Incredible authentic arepas. The staff are the nicest! Highly recommended!”
– Alberto G. 

“Very cute little restaurant with amazing service!!! Very welcoming, professional and happy personnel! The food was delicious. We enjoyed generous arepas, guacamole with warm tortillas yum! And freshly made juices. We will definitely go back!”
– Selma B.

Visit Areppas Today!

We hope that we’ve convinced you that Areppas is one of the best Latin restaurants in NYC! Whether you’re interested in delicious arepas and tacos, or fast delivery, we have you covered. Stop by our restaurant today to taste for yourself — we have a feeling you’ll love it and be coming back for more!