Why Arepas Are the Most Satisfying Winter Comfort Food


As the weather begins to cool and we prepare ourselves for the snow that will soon be in the forecast, feelings of nostalgia and warmth begin to arise from thinking about our favorite winter comfort foods. Whether you grew up enjoying cozy family dinners on a cold night, or hosting large gatherings of family and friends for the holiday, food is likely a large part of your winter tradition.

Comfort foods are warm, filling, and bring feelings of happiness to those who eat them. And, during the winter, when the weather’s cold and the days are short, we need warming comfort foods more than ever. Arepas, a Latin American favorite, make the perfect winter comfort food, whether you’re eating as a party of one, with family, or are hosting a large gathering.

They’re Warm and Filling

During a cold winter day or evening, you crave a comfort food that’s warm and fills your belly. Arepas are just the thing to satisfy you. Cooked crunchy or soft to your liking, an arepa from Arrepas Restaurant envelops all of your favorite flavors in a warm, delicious meal that will satisfy your soul and your stomach.

Image of an arepa on a plate.
Image of short rib in a roasting pan.

You Can Fill Them With Your Favorite Foods

For many, arepas are a comfort food in and of themselves because they were a household staple growing up. However, even for those who have never had an arepa before, they are filled with familiar comfort foods like short rib, avocado, chicken salad, scrambled eggs, or cheese. When you order from Areppas Restaurant, you can choose the arepa that speaks to you most.

They’re Perfect for Family Dinners or Large Gatherings

You can certainly come into an Areppas Restaurant and enjoy the authentic Latin American cuisine we have to offer, but you can also order our arepas for takeout or delivery. Arepas are the perfect food for a family dinner, as adults and children alike love them. And, if you’d like to cook a warm delicious dinner of arepas for your family and customize your toppings even further, you can order our Arepas Mix from Vida Market

Image of a person holding an arepa.
Image of two people eating arepas.

Arepas Make People Happy

While it’s true that comfort foods should be warm and filling, they should also bring you feelings of joy, and that’s just what arepas do. Simply put, eating arepas makes people happy! After all, isn’t that what eating with family and friends is all about?

Enjoy arepas this winter for family dinners in or out, as well as at holiday gatherings. Whether your family and friends remember arepas from their childhood and the comfort food brings on feelings of nostalgia, or they’ve yet to try one, arepas are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Dine-In or Order Areppas Restaurant for Takeout, Delivery, or Catering

Whether you’re looking forward to a day or night out with family and friends, or are getting ready for a holiday gathering, arepas are the ultimate winter comfort food. They’re perfect for feeding large groups, as the arepas themselves are gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Your friends and family can then choose to fill them with their favorite foods. Come in today or order your arepas online.